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We have a brand new Introduction to Abducted video to show you that not only walks through some of what we’ve done but also previews some of whats coming up next. This is a great video for anyone who needs to be introduced to Abducted and see what this game is. Check it out! Subscribe […]

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What reviewers have said:

8/10 – The gameplay is actually fun while battling and the graphics are a charm to look at.
4/5 – Crow’s world is definitely one of the most compelling I’ve visited on iOS
9/10 – One of the most visually stunning games I’ve seen on iOS. The graphics, music, setting and story all result in an amazing experience.
3/4 – Crow is a gorgeous game with a rich world.
85% – The graphics and atmosphere are highly commendable.
Editor’s Choice – 4/5 – Unique is the word for this game.
4/5 – Crow is an iPad game that beckons you to take a flight through the dark side in an adventure that lets you choose your own path.
5/5 – The gameplay is solid, the atmosphere, graphics, music and story all blend together perfectly.
10/10 – Sunside Games has managed to create a masterpiece of a game.
5/5 – Crow is one of the best games I have ever played.
4/5 – An Immensely Captivating Dark Adventure for iOS.
Crow is a wonderful iPhone game for anyone looking to play something a little different from the causal mobile title.
5/5 – Some of the best visuals the iPhone has to offer.
5/5 – This is the best game I’ve ever played on iOS
Gaming App of the Day – “Crow could be the greatest iPhone game I’ve ever played.

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