Abducted is a game in which you play an ordinary person thrust into extraordinary circumstances. Abducted by aliens and taken thousands of light years from home, you have one ultimate goal: Escape. But you have so many unanswered questions… How did you get here? What is this place? Who took you and why?

There are a few things you learn right away. You’re clearly somewhere in deep space, one look at the starfield and asteroids drifting by outside the window makes that pretty clear. And then there’s this device implanted in your arm, how did it get there? Who put it there? You can have conversations with it, explore its functionality, it can even help you fight hostile aliens and control the environment.

If you want to survive and get away from this place, you’ll have to solve these mysteries and others.

The best way to understand Abducted is to watch the Introduction video above. You’ll get to see actual game footage running on Windows and get a sneak peek at the development in progress.

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What reviewers have said:

3/4 – Crow is a gorgeous game with a rich world.
10/10 – Sunside Games has managed to create a masterpiece of a game.
5/5 – Some of the best visuals the iPhone has to offer.
Gaming App of the Day – “Crow could be the greatest iPhone game I’ve ever played.
9/10 – One of the most visually stunning games I’ve seen on iOS. The graphics, music, setting and story all result in an amazing experience.
85% – The graphics and atmosphere are highly commendable.
4/5 – An Immensely Captivating Dark Adventure for iOS.
5/5 – Crow is one of the best games I have ever played.
4/5 – Crow’s world is definitely one of the most compelling I’ve visited on iOS
8/10 – The gameplay is actually fun while battling and the graphics are a charm to look at.
5/5 – The gameplay is solid, the atmosphere, graphics, music and story all blend together perfectly.
4/5 – Crow is an iPad game that beckons you to take a flight through the dark side in an adventure that lets you choose your own path.
5/5 – This is the best game I’ve ever played on iOS
Crow is a wonderful iPhone game for anyone looking to play something a little different from the causal mobile title.
Editor’s Choice – 4/5 – Unique is the word for this game.

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