Make sure you meet the minimum requirements:

  • Requires 10.7 and up
  • Supports any Mac 2009 and newer
Supported Configurations:
  • Crow supports all apple laptops since 2009, including the MacBook Air, and new Retina MacBook Pro. We have tested and run the game on these configurations.
  • Crow supports all iMacs since 2009.

If you are having an issue we want to help you fix it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us: crow [@] However please check the following to ensure we can help you:

Known Bugs (fixed in the 1.0.1 update submitted to Apple for approval):

  • Crow is not linked properly with Qt, users who have Qt installed will experience crashes when launching Crow, most likely before they ever see the Launcher. For now we recommend removing Qt from your Macintosh HD/Library/Frameworks/Qt.Gui folder to solve this conflict. Be aware this may cause other 3rd party software to stop working.
  • There is a known issue with external monitors where Crow will say that it failed to initialize and then quit after you press “Play”. If you are having this problem try unplugging your external monitor and see if playing on your laptop screen works.

Having trouble logging into Game Center or staying logged into Game Center.

  • Check this.  It appears to be a bug in 10.8 Mac Game Center and there are known workarounds and solutions.

Unsupported Configurations:

  • Crow does not support any kinds of external display devices except a monitor plugged into your display port. USB display devices of any kind of are not supported. If you are having an issue with your external monitor please let us know, we want to fix these issues so Crow runs on as wide a range of hardware as possible.
  • Crow does not support any input devices except the keyboard, trackpad, and a USB mouse. Wacom and other tablets or input devices may not work.
  • Air-Display and other 3rd party display extenders are known to cause problems including crashes and errors. We highly recommend disabling/uninstalling any third party display extender software. We cannot provide support to customers experiencing problems with these kinds of configurations.
  • Zoom, Better Snap Tool, and other accessibility features are known to cause problems, we recommend disabling any accessibility features if you are experiencing problems.

Don’t see an answer to your issue?  Send us an email crow [@] and we will attempt to resolve your issue quickly.

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